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Mexican Heart…Attack! musings…

December 28, 2011

I still remember my first kiss ever…it was at my homeboy’s wedding…I tongued that bride down ’cause she should’a been marrying me.

I remember my second kiss like it was just yesterday…I was at my homeboy’s 10-year anniversary and he and his wife were renewing their vows…I proceeded to tongue down my homeboy’s mother ’cause she had just lost her husband in a 10-speed accident and she looked halla good and was vulnerable…So I went for it.

My third kiss ever…I accidentally dropped my tortilla on my lil round Goddaughter’s piojo-filled scalp and kissed it to God ’cause I really wanted to eat that mess…Tortillas de harina with mantequilla and a sprinkle of piojos ain’t too bad…Corona

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