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A Message from National Council of LA RAZA…

April 13, 2011


NCLR launched the Pledge for Respect campaign one month ago to ask members of Congress to do just that by opposing irresponsible and inflammatory rhetoric toward Latinos.  Over the past month, NCLR and its Affiliates have been contacting members of Congress, asking them to sign a pledge to oppose xenophobic and malicious attacks against Latinos and focus on finding real solutions to the many complex problems that our nation faces.

Unfortunately, the campaign couldn’t have come at a better time.  Even in the past month, we’ve heard a state representative from Kansas suggest that the method used for killing wild hogs could also be used to solve immigration problems, proposing that we shoot undocumented immigrants from helicopters.  Now, more than ever, it’s important that everyone participate in this campaign and ask our legislators to sign the NCLR pledge that Americans will not tolerate disrespect of the Latino community. 

Face-to-face meetings are the most effective way to influence your elected officials, so please support the Pledge for Respect campaign by scheduling an in-district meeting with your legislator during the April recess!  Register to participate here and we’ll send you materials and resources to help you conduct in-district visits with your legislators.

If we can achieve a critical mass of congressional endorsements for the Pledge for Respect campaign, the increased attention to the ways in which politicians have demonized and attacked our community will help put an end to those attacks.  We will create a more favorable climate in our state capitols and on Capitol Hill for real solutions to the problems facing our community and our country.

Join us by asking your members of Congress to sign the Pledge for Respect!

Thank you, NCLR,  for leading the charge. 

MEXICAN HEART…ATTACK! will be posting articles in the near future addressing the “IT’S COOL TO HATE LATINOS” mindset. 

It’s time to expose it and use our vast resources to end it.   

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