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Mexican Heart…Attack! musings

February 14, 2011

Top 3 reasons why it’s good not to have a man for Valentines Day:

3) Because if he would’ve sent you a dozen roses at work and all your girlfriends would’ve seen them and told you how lucky you were…you would’ve went gambling later on tonight and lost your whole paycheck because your girlfriends never lie to you…so be thankful.

2) Because if he would’ve gotten down on one knee to propose to you in front of everybody all romantic, you would’ve cried your heart out and gotten dehydrated, and you already don’t drink enough water as it is and you would’ve needed suero…so be thankful.

1) Because if he would’ve bought you a 5 karat diamond ring it would’ve added eight more pounds when you stepped on the scale and that would’ve REALLY fvcked up your day…so be thankful.

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