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MIJA: Teach Me How To Fish, Daddy

February 2, 2011

“Daddy, will you teach me how to fish?”

“Of course, mija.  Put on a warm coat, it gets cold.”

“Yaaayyy!”  She snatched up her coat.

We drove to Pacific Ocean Supermarket and stared at the fish in the freezer.

“This isn’t the lake, daddy.”

“I know.  It’s the ocean.”

Her teeth clacked, “I’m glad you told me to bring a coat.  It’s cold in here.”

“You’re lucky the wind ain’t howling 50 knots.”

“You mean the air conditioner?”

“Wind is wind.  Catch me one of them fish.”

“But we didn’t bring a pole or tackle, daddy.”

“Your brought your arm and finger, didn’t you?”

She casted her arm and hooked a Red Snapper with her tiny finger.

“Reel it in!  Reel it in!”

She reeled it in, “I got it, daddy!  I got it!  Where’s the bucket?!”

I slapped the fish on top of her buckethead and slapped her baseball cap on top of the fish, “Now let’s go to where the ocean’s a little warmer and catch some tuna.”

We left the freezer…she hooked some tuna fish in aisle five and I slapped it on top of her buckethead…THUMP!

“Ow!  That’s a metal can, daddy!”

“Sorry, I thought it was the tuna’s scales.”

We rushed out without paying.

“Why didn’t we pay, daddy?”

“Because you fished these out of the ocean.  Tomorrow we’re gonna come back and I’m gonna show you how to hook that Sword Fish.”

“Will the sword fit in the bucket, daddy?”

“Of course — straight up and down.”


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  1. Cindy Saldivar Slensker permalink
    February 2, 2011 12:49 pm

    haha… really heart wrenchingly funny! Poor Mijita.. La pendejita! lmao

    • MEXICAN HEART...ATTACK! permalink*
      February 2, 2011 8:27 pm

      “La pendejita”…LOLOL!!!!

      Corona : )

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