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MIJA: Solar System Maid

January 19, 2011

Mija skipped into the kitchen, “Daddy, will you teach me about the solar system!  I love space!”

“Of course, mija, turn on the stove.”

“Is that gonna be the sun?”

“No, you’re the sun.”

“Because I’m the brightest, daddy?!”

“No, because you’re the biggest.  The stove is Mercury because it’s the hottest.  Open the freezer.”

“Is the freezer gonna be Pluto because it’s the coldest, daddy?”

“No, that’s definitely your heart.  Go stand way over there, Pluto.”

She did, “What’s the kitchen light supposed to be, daddy?”

ON…turn it on, I can’t see sh1t.”

She turned it on.

“I see a comet, mija!”

“You do?!  Where?!  Where?!”

“Under the sink!  Get it!”

She snatched up the Comet cleaner from under the sink and glided it through the air like a comet.

“I see a black hole!”

“Where, daddy?!  Where?!”

“In the toilet.  Take your comet and clean that black hole till it’s white.”

She slumped, her bottom lip quivered.

“Quit blubbering.  When you finish, I’ll let you eat the Milky Way.”


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