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Mexican Heart…Attack! Musings

January 5, 2011

Top 3 hints your man gives you to let you know he’s in the mood for some romantic involvement with you:

3) If you turn off the football game during the last play of the game when your man’s team is trying to score a winning touchdown and he yells, “Fvck me, mujer!”  Well, he really wants some romantic involvement with you and wants you to be aggressive, so go for it, it’s a green light.

2) If you spend way more money than you should have at the shoe store and he turns green when he sees the credit card statement…he’s giving you a visual of a green light, go for it strong!  And wear the shoes, he’ll love ‘em!

1) If you tell him your mother’s coming over to stay for a week and he hops in the car and peels out and runs a red light…that means he’s so happy he can’t even wait to show you a green light…he just went to buy some alcoholic beverages for your romantic involvement with you later…so be ready, he should be back in five minutes.

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