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MIJA: Show and Tell Me Something Pinche Good

November 13, 2010

Mija skipped through the door all happy, talkin’ ‘bout she wanted to play show and tell.

So I showed her the cash in my fat wallet and told her to tell me how she felt to be broke and not stacked like me.

“I feel like asking you for a loan, daddy, so I can buy another shoe and have two like all the other kids.”

“Those kids are spoiled, mija. I bet’chu they got two wheels and a seat on their bikes, too, huh?”


“I knew it! Now you show and tell me something.”

Mija smiled, showed me her report card and straight A’s.

“What the fvck is this?”

“Straight A’s, daddy.”


“And I wanted to show and tell you how happy I am.”

I accidentally knocked over my cold, delicious beer on the table.

“It’s okay, daddy.”

I snatched her report card, wiped the beer off the table, crumpled up the straight A’s and shot it in the garbage can for two points, but I think it was a three-pointer from where I was standing.

Mija’s eyes watered.

I felt bad for her so I snatched the balled up report card from the garbage can and slammed it home…I knew she wanted me to dunk it instead.

“Happy now?” I asked.

She cried and ran out.  Her tears showed and told me they were happy tears.


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