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MIJA: Trick or Treat?

October 28, 2010

“Daddy, why don’t you ever take me Trick-O-Treating?”

“Because they haven’t made a mask scarier than your face and I never wanted to hurt your feelings, mija.”

She slumped.

“Wanna go this year?”

She straightened, “Yes!”

“Okay, first you need a bag for your candy.”

She dashed into her room and returned with a pillow case, “Will this do?”

I plucked the pillow case from her, “Nah, too big.  You’re not gonna get that much candy first time out — not enough experience.”

“What should I use, daddy?”

I took the brown paper bag off her head, “This.”

“But what about the holes in it?”

“Don’t worry.  The candy won’t fall through.  Good thing you got beady eyes and I never let you open your big mouth so I never made a hole for it.  You’re gonna need a costume.”

She darted into her room, returned with the princess outfit she wore for her school play, “Will this do?”

I plucked it from her mouth, “Nah, you gotta be scarier.  Leave your straight-jacket on.  I’ll get’chu something better next year.”

“Am I ready to go?  I’m so excited!”

“Almost.  What do you do after you get to the door?”

“I knock?”

“Exactly, with your head.  Show me how you’re gonna knock?”

I put her on the porch, closed the door, “Go ahead, knock!”





KNOCK!!!!  KNOCK!!!!  KNOCK!!!!


Silence…nothing…not a single knock, not even a tap.  I opened the door and seen she had fallen asleep on the porch with a lump on her forehead.

Too bad…it would’a been the perfect night to Trick-O-Treat…it was beautiful out.


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