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Facebook Comment of the Week!

October 25, 2010

Sorry we’re late announcing the winner of the Taco Award for the LATINO HEART Facebook Comment of the Week. Corona was called to duty again. This time, the Chilean Presidente called Corona to help him out…the Chilean miners didn’t wanna leave their little caves and deal with their wives and mistresses so Corona was sent down in that capsule to discuss true macho-ness.

The miners are out but Corona is still down there…a bunch of wives and mistresses are looking for him.  Pobrecito.

And back to our winner(s) for comments from last week, ending Friday…

Corona’s choice of ladies jewelry is questionable at best…

And our Latino Heart Familia expressed their opinions and advice:

“No she can’t be walking around the corner with it all rusted. She needs some kind of color other than her black lip liner…….. ” Crystal Najar Hernandez

“Shouldn’t the ball have a fuse in it? 🙂 A quick marriage?” Un Sueno Lejano

“Dam,corona really poor girl she not going to have ankles anymore she is going to have knkles.hahaha lol.” Yoli Diaz

“To be really romantic, you need to have matching pairs, one for her and one for YOU!” Janice S. Hunter

Congratulations  Crystal, USL, Yoli & Janice! C’mon up and get’chur taco!


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