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Latino Heart Idol Contest!

October 8, 2010

Submissions extended to Sunday, October 17th at 12:00 AM PT!
Because The Latino Heart Project has been real busy at the taco truck–diet carnitas and yogurt are all the rage in Hollywood–we’re extending the submission deadline for another week!
Submit your best Latino-themed short story for the chance to win our love and devotion forever (we got no money). Simply post your story on our LATINO HEART PROJECT Facebook page and the Latino Heart familia will vote by clicking “like” on your entry. Everyone is welcome to enter and everyone is welcome to vote–might be a good time to set-up your abuela’s Facebook profile.   
You’re welcome to include a link in addition to the text in your post. We like picante, but please keep it clean enough for your kids and abuelita to enjoy.
Entries can be posted until Sunday, October 10th at midnight PT. The winner will be announced as soon as Corona can count up the votes–he only has nine fingers and three toes so it may take longer than expected.
The winning entry will be posted on the LATINO HEART BLOG for the entire barrio to see!
Good luck!
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