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June 14, 2010

The doctor said I needed some cardio exercise so I went home and asked my lady if she truly believed me when I told her she has my heart.

“Of course,” she said.

“Okay then, go run 10 miles for me because I need to work my heart muscle,” I told her.

She just looked at me.

“Do you really got my back like you always say you do?” I asked her.

“Of course.”

“Okay then, before you run the 10 miles, stop at the tattoo place and get the 5 Olympic rings tatted on my back so I can look cool while you jog.”

She didn’t budge.

“Do you always have me on your mind like you say you do?” I asked her.

“Non-stop,” she told me.

“Perfect,” I said, “Take me off your mind while you run so it’ll be less weight for you to carry.  Don’t mind what I’m doing while you run.  Mind your own business.  Go on and be safe.  I can’t wait to feel better.”

She didn’t budge and asked, “Do you still got ideas about making love to me in the future?”

“Of course I do, more than ever!  And with my new cardio routine, I’m gonna be awesome.  I got this, girl!”

“See if you can get this,” she said, “Why don’t you get off your ass before you get no more ass?”

Me, “Okay.”

I’m a tired, runnin’ fool these days…but at least I get some ass and have the Olympic rings tatted on my back.


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