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June 11, 2010

Looking for witty conversation? How about showing off your down-and-dirty liberal side? Or perhaps you need to tell the cleaning lady NOT to starch your underwear—that herpes rash is killing you.  Now you, too, can speak Barrio…with the Screenwriter Consortium Barrio Dictionary. 

Rosetta Stone’s got nothin’ on us.


Batazo  (bot-oss-oh) Neurological impediment.

That last batazo over the head did you in—a burrito goes in your mouth then out your ass, not the other way around.


Cagaleras (cog-ah-lair-us) Excuse to color coordinate outfits.

Lucky I wore brown pants. No one can tell I got cagaleras. 


Casa  (coss-ah) In-law deterrent.

Mi casa ain’t your casa, Foo!


Cae gordo  (kye/gore-dough) Unforgivable trait.  

“Why did you beat his ass–he didn’t do anything?”

“Me cae gordo. Nuff said.”


Esperanza (esp-air-on-suh) Elusive unlikelihood.

Better get some esperanza cause that’s all you got going on.


Huevos  (oo-weh-vose) Source of valor.

Hold onto your huevos, your wife’s headed this way.


Lameculo  (lom-eh-cool-oh) Resume enhancer.

The job sounds good but will you pay me more if I’m a lameculo?


Llorando  (yore/on/doe) Lament.

“No llorando over spilt milk, jefita.”

“Are you gonna clean it up then, pendejo!”


Mano  (mon-oh) Favor precursor.

Mano, can you come bail me out?


Matrimonio  (mott-re-moan-ee-yo) Obedience.

I’m very happy in my matrimonio. My wife told me so.


Ni modo (knee/mode-oh)  Impossible possibility.

Ni modo can he pee inside the frickin’ toilet.


Por supuesto  (poor/soup-west-oh) Inevitable sign of uncertainty.

Por supuesto I remembered to bring the condoms, woman!

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