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May 28, 2010

Looking for witty conversation? How about showing off your down-and-dirty liberal side? Or perhaps you need to tell the cleaning lady NOT to starch your underwear—that herpes rash is killing you.  Now you, too, can speak Barrio…with the Screenwriter Consortium Barrio Dictionary. 

Rosetta Stone’s got nothin’ on us.


Aduanas (odd-oo-on-oss) Unnecessary travel delay.

Do we have to go through aduanas with our luggage?

Nah, I’ll just throw the garbage bags over this biggo fence. 


Aparato  (op-are-ott-oh) Useful device.

His aparato don’t need hydraulics.


Asco (oss-koe)  Not a good reaction on the first date.

He gives women asco. Lucky for him, pitbull bitches like him.


Bacalao (bock-ah-la-oh) Scent of a woman.

Is Mamita cooking bacalao or have our dates arrived?


Bronca (brone-ca)  Barrio request.

Quieres bronca, cabron?


Chilito (cheele-eat-oh) Chorizo junior.

You got some big huevos for a chilito.


Millaje (me-ya-heh) Measurement gauge.

She may look innocent but she’s got more millaje than the Mile High Club.  


Oye!  (oy-eh) 50/50 chance it’s okay to look back.

You’ll be happy to hear your car’s tuck & roll upholstery is ready–it’s tearproof, too. Your ruca, your mother and I tucked & rolled on it last night.   


Pellejos (pay-eh-hoes) Senior citizen attribute.

I get hot when viejas dance and their pellejos jiggle.


Pica  (pee-ca) Whatever you do, don’t scratch.

Are you dancing like Michael Jackson or does your crotch pica?


Pssst!  Whatever you do, don’t look back.

“Pssst! Mijo,” abuela said, “I’m carrying a full load, can you change my diaper, por favor?” 

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