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THAT’S BARRIO: Frugal Wrestle-mania

May 15, 2010

When I was little my mother sent me to the store with a list of stuff to buy and $3.42.

My list: milk, eggs, butter, Aqua Net hair spray, an East Side Story eight track tape, a mouse trap, a Webber grill, a TV, a couch, a lawn mower and a car.

And if I had any change left over, to buy that Santo wrestling mask I always wanted.

I wasn’t no math whiz, but I new I wasn’t driving home in a new caddy, wearing a Santo mask with a couch on the roof and a lawn mower in the trunk.

So I made my own list off the list my mother gave me and walked in the store.

I approached Cashier Dude, “Excuse me, where are your wrestling masks?”

“Aisle five.”

“Thank you.”

I went to aisle five and there it was, the Santo mask: $3.12.

I reached for it, but then I spotted the Aqua Net: $3.13.

I contemplated and thought to myself, “I’ve been wanting a Santo mask forever…but my mother’s hair is really fvcked up without Aqua Net.  What do I do?  Do I choose me or my mother?”

I chose family. Familia always comes first, that’s how I was raised.

So I bought the mask because it was cheaper and I saved a penny…to help out the family.


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