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April 12, 2010


Looking for witty conversation? How about showing off your down-and-dirty liberal side? Or perhaps you need to tell the cleaning lady NOT to starch your underwear—that herpes rash is killing you.  Now you, too, can speak Barrio…with the Screenwriter Consortium Barrio Dictionary. 

Rosetta Stone’s got nothin’ on us.

Agringarse (on-gring-are-se) Melting pot fantasy.

A todo dar (ah/toe-doe/dar) Ricky Martin.

Aztlan (ost-lan) Big ass barrio.

Baboso (bob-oh-so) Good husband.

Bandolero (bond-oh-lair-oh) Term of endearment for politicians.

Bronca (brone-ka) Avoid at all costs. Unless you want it.

Caer gordo (kye-air/gore-duh) Suegra’s purpose in life.

Chachara (choch-are-ugh) Latino paychecks.

Chicano (chick-on-oh) Future sidekick in every Hollywood film.    

Chupete (chupe-et-eh)  Cattle branding.

Chevre (chev-reh) Utter when a transvestite winks at you.   

Cine (seen-eh)  A place for Latinos to pay ten bucks to not see other Latinos.

La Pinta (la/peen-tah)  Home away from home.

Mano duro (mon-oh/dure-ugh)  Sometimes the only way.

Mirón (mere-own) Reserved for those who can’t do anything else.

Mordida (more-dee-duh) Policia retirement fund.

Mujeriego (moo-herr-ee-yego)  What every man strives for but fails most of the time.

No mames (no/mom-ess) What Tiger Woods has difficulty saying.

Metiche (met-eech-eh)  People who don’t have a life.

Pegajoso (pega-hose-oh) Annoying stalker.

Pendejadas (pend-eh-hod-ahs)  Politician by-product.

Rebancha (reb-on-cha) It’s coming…watch your back.

Refri  (ref-ree) Corona’s cool home.

Sangron (song-roan)  Rebancha target.

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