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March 29, 2010

Lil barrio kids rush in the barrio zoo…spot the parrot.

Lil Barrio Girl, “Say something, Mr. Parrot.”

Mr. Parrot, “Pablo want a cracker.”

Lil Barrio Girl, “Hurry, someone gimme a cracker!”

Another kid hands her a cracker.  She moves in to feed Mr. Parrot when Mr. Parrot pulls a hammer from behind his back and cracks Lil Barrio Girl on her head.

Mr. Parrot, “See?  Pablo wanna crack ‘er.”

Lil barrio kids move over to the monkey cage.

Zoo Keeper, “If you give the monkey a banana, he’ll eat it and do some amazing swinging tricks for you.”

Lil Barrio Boy drops a banana in the cage.  The monkey snatches it, tosses its peel and swallows the banana whole.

Sure enough, the monkey smiles at barrio kids with his ugly teeth, runs towards the branches to do his amazing swinging tricks when he slips on the banana peel, hits his head on his baby monkey, killing his baby and knocks himself out in the process.

Zoo Keeper, “Why don’t we try a little later?”

They move to the lion pit to view the king of the jungle.


Barrio kids lean back, terrified.


Barrio kids lean waaaay back.

Lil Barrio Boy, “Why’s he roaring so viciously?”

Zoo Keeper, “He’s not, he’s yawning.  He’s sleepy.  Sing with me, everybody.  Rock-a-bye baby on the treetop –”

Barrio kids are stunned, wide-eyed, none sing.

Zoo Keeper, “Sing with me!”

Zoo Keeper and spooked, barrio kids all loud, “when the wind blows the cradle will rock.”

Zoo Keeper, “Not so loud, you’re gonna scare him!”

They whisper the rest of the song.


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