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March 22, 2010

A Hollywood insider responded to efforts by the LATINO HEART PROJECT…

American Latino audiences are the singular most avid consumer of current Hollywood releases. They’re voting with their dollars, and they love what they’re seeing.

So the plan is to convince Hollywood to change its practices to better serve the most satisfied customers that they have?

The fact that American Latinos are avid movie-goers precludes us from voicing an opinion on content in feature films?  

So if we’re not entirely pleased with a choice of political candidates, it’s best for Latinos to stay home during an election? Is this how our vote should be cast–by not showing up? We doubt elected officials would agree, considering many won their respective elections because of the Latino vote.  

And what would our absence accomplish—other than severely hurt Hollywood’s income and ruin a number of successful careers?  Would this Hollywood insider then say…

There is no need to develop films for the American Latino audience—they don’t go to the movies anyway.

Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t.

The truth is…American Latino purchasing power is extremely important to Hollywood. Anyone in Hollywood who can add and subtract is aware of how painful it would be to lose the billion dollar Latino audience. Imagine how many gifted people would lose their jobs, how many production companies would go under, how many executives would be replaced, how much staff would be cut, how much development would be chopped. Not to mention managers, agents and peripheral businesses which revolve around Hollywood. The loss of the American Latino audience would be a financial catastrophe.

Yet here we sit, listening to Hollywood insiders argue that there is no need to serve the American Latino audience–no need to develop films which depict characters and ENTERTAINING stories this audience can identify with.  Cocky confident? Or cocky ignorant?

Who are they trying to convince, if not themselves?  After all, Hollywood is in a very precarious position—relying so heavily on a market they know nothing about.  A market which requires a connection and which should not be taken for granted.

Has Hollywood asked the American Latino audience for their opinion? Is there a chance that this billion dollar audience isn’t as happy with Hollywood’s performance as this industry insider claims?

Let’s find out…let’s perform an exit poll of Latino voters/Hollywood customers. We’ll prepare a list of questions for Hollywood marketers to ask American Latinos as they exit theatres in an upcoming article. Perhaps facing the truth will help spark common sense.  

No amount of head-stuck-in-the-sand denial and poker-faced rhetoric will change the facts, the numbers, or the future…

It’s 2010: Time for American Latinos to voice their opinions. Time for Hollywood to listen. Time to develop ENTERTAINING Latino-spiced stories which reflect today’s American culture and American audience. TICK-TOCK.

…Can’t nothin’ hold me down…I’m gonna touch the sky…sube, sube hasta la nube…

More introductions to powerful Hollywood executives coming soon.

Thank you for sharing your valuable time with us.

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  1. J Lowell permalink
    March 24, 2010 5:20 pm

    For context, here’s the thread where the quote originally appeared.

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