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March 22, 2010

I decided to go hunting for turkey the other day…be a real hunter for once in my life.

I put on my camouflage outfit, grabbed my canteen and compass like I seen on ESPN and headed out to enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

Thirty minutes later, I spotted a whole group of fat turkeys.

They were all huddled together…holding very still, I couldn’t believe it.

I had a clear shot.

I flipped my cap backwards, quietly laid on my belly, checked the wind factor and took aim through my scope.

I put the fat turkey in the middle of the group in the middle of my cross-hairs.

I inhaled…exhaled…BLAM!

I hit him!  A perfect shot!

Then the Safeway manager said, “Sir, please don’t shoot at the frozen turkeys.”

So I shot him…the biggest turkey of them all.


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