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MIJA: Proud Parent of a What?

March 8, 2010

I was stopped at a red light with my daughter in the car.  The car in front of us had a bumper sticker that read:

Proud parent of a honor roll student at Jefferson Elementary

“When you gonna get me one of those?” I asked my daughter.

Before she could answer, I remembered her size 4 shoe size was 4 times greater than her Grade-Point-Average.

So I just jumped out the car, yanked off the bumper sticker, slapped it on my bumper and sped home.

For the next week, little boys called the house non-stop, asking to speak with my daughter.

“See how the boys like brains over beauty?” I told my daughter.

Feeling proud, I walked out with her to admire the bumper sticker.

What I hadn’t realized, was that when I yanked off the sticker from the other car, it didn’t come off totally intact, and what I had actually slapped on my bumper read:

Proud parent of a ho                                      at Jefferson Elementary

She looked at me with sad eyes.

I grounded her.  I didn’t raise her that way.


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