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THAT’S BARRIO: Familia Portrait…So Bad We Love It!

March 1, 2010

My brother’s two years older than I am and has one leg shorter than the other.

I got all his hand-me-downs when we were little…including his uneven pants.

My mother would tuck my shirt under my underwear and pull up hecka high and hard…making my pants flood…one pant leg at the ankle, the other at the kneecap.

What I really hope is that if my mother ever baby-sat you and pulled your pants up high, hard, that you won’t carry the habit into your senior years and walk your daughter down the aisle like that…it’s not gonna look pretty.

After I got my brother’s hand-me-downs, we took our family picture at a studio.

I had on brown pants flooding at the ankle and kneecap, a baby-blue shirt, and green high-top, Converse.

We line up…me in front…my two brothers looking more jacked up than me and we had our underwear waistbands showing.  But we were clean, my mother always kept us clean.

My mother looked beautiful.  The mother always does.

My father looked pi$$ed.  The father always does.

Me and my brothers looked in shock.  The kids always do.

We love that picture to this day.


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