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February 7, 2010

Hello blogosphere.  My name is Miguel and I’m a Writer/Director, along with being an American Born Latino.  You might be wondering why my Latinoism is of importance, well hang with me a bit and we’ll get to that shortly.

Welcome to our new blog that will explore the American Latino Experience in media and Movies in particular.   Our group, the Screenwriter Consortium, is a volunteer group of writers and filmmakers who strive to bring Latino-centric stories to the American mainstream.  Go to the nearest multiplex and you will notice that there is a lack of Latino movies available each week – if any.  Yes, you will find the latest Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem (lucky SOB) or Pedro Almodóvar movies, which are always a treat, but these movies do not represent the 50 million U.S. American Latino Experience.  This is where our Consortium comes into play.  We want to show what the 1st to 5th generation Latin American is up to.  This same 50 million strong force of nature that spends their disposable money on movies.  Just imagine how more often they would go to the movies if they would see faces that look like there’s looking back at them?

What my contribution to this blog aims to do is to bring a little commentary to my views about the industry.  From me trying to get my Spec features read to sending out my short films to festivals.  To writing a cool short movie, raising the money and then finally being able to film… but wait, my lead actress needs to be a Latina and there are none in sight so an actress who “looks” Latino will have to do, but come on this should not be the… Deep breaths…. Deep breaths.

Okay, sorry I’m back.  I almost blew a blood vessel… AGAIN.

It as if E.T. would come down today and watch American movies and T.V., it would conclude that there are just White and Black (and not many at that) people in this country.  And for the few others it sees – Latino, Asian, etc., it would conclude that we are just minor species in the grand scheme of things.

Just like there are many different flavors of Italians, Greeks and Irish immigrants and others in the country, there are also many flavors of Latinos.  Everywhere from new arrivals to 5th generation and beyond Latinos.  Everyone from dish washers and nannies to successful business men and women to even a Supreme Court Justices (you just GO girl).

But, at times all we see are the dishwashers and nannies or the Housekeeper who pretends to be a cultured woman to hook the rich guy.  These are great stories, but not the only stories.  Why not the rich Latina who pretends to be poor so she can grab the prideful immigrant Latino (now that’s a thought)?  Or depictions of Latinos in business or the sciences, who have to overcome a difficulty to save the world?  God knows that there are Latinos in these areas of our society.  My day job is in Engineering, so we are out there.

Sorry, got off on a small tangent there.

This is what the Consortium is all about – showing the many flavors of the vast Latino experience.  From the driven… to the sad; from the desperate; to the accomplished; from the healers to the killers.  We no longer want to be the funny side kicks, we want to be seen, heard, and or feared.  Out in front to be seen by all.  One of the goals that The Consortium wants to accomplish is to develop the scripts which will show the vastness of the Latino world.  What we ask is for Hollywood to see the potential for great profit from these 50 million viewers… ahhh, consumers and to join with us.  Hollywood already gets a lot of our viewing dollars,  but it would benefit Hollywood to try to get all of our viewing dollars instead of a percent.  Ya, I said it.  Take our money… but we want to see more of us on the big screen to make me go to the movies every weekend, instead of every other weekend.  What a concept.

In my column we will venture into many topics.  Not necessarily Latino centric, but since I am a Latino, I am sure my POV will be influenced by how I have been raised and how I see the world.  Maybe the occasional movie review or my thoughts to how the hell a show can be placed in L.A. or N.Y. and not one MINORITY is seen.  We will explore it all.

So sit back and join me and my fellow bloggers on a great adventure.

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  1. Benicio permalink
    January 28, 2010 10:04 pm

    Assume blog. Hollywood suffers from screenplay denial of Latino acotrs playing major leads in multi-million dollar productions. I see the Screenwriters Consortium as an advocate for us the latino public that wants to see new faces on big screen and that the stories reflect the diverse spectrum of latino heritage from Mexico, to the latino Carribean Island to Central and South America. But lets not stop there lets go beyond and show how the latino influence is felt throghout the world in differnt countries and cultures.



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